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Every Sea-Doo aspect has been thoroughly designed and tested for maximum comfort, style and function.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies sea-doo-pwc Technologies sea-doo-pwc Technologies sea-doo-pwc Technologies

Innovative Hull Designs

A variety of innovative hull designs for a variety of riding styles.

GTI Hull

Forgiving & Nimble

This moderate V-shaped hull is both forgiving and responsive for a versatile ride in smooth and moderate water conditions.

S3 Hull®

Stable & Predictable

Stay stable even when things get rough. An exclusive stepped design is the first and only one of its kind. The deep V-shape reduces drag and stays glued to the water in choppy conditions for a consistent ride.

T3 Hull™

Performance & Precision

Ready, set, race. A deep V-shaped hull – the favorite of our Sea-Doo X-Team racers – allows unmatched control and precision for the sharpest turns and unrivaled handling. (RXP-X 300 only)


Light & Easy to handle

Light on weight, heavy on fun. The flatter V-shaped hull makes riding fun and easy in flatter water and small chop. And makes whipping through rougher conditions even more thrilling.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies

Ergolock System

The narrow, race-inspired seat and deep knee pockets let you lock in and use your legs for better control. Reducing upper body fatigue and making you feel like one with the machine.

Ergolock Seat

The narrow seat with deep knee pockets results in a more natural and comfortable riding position - legs closer together and back straighter. The advantage of using your legs to lock in and hold on to the machine reduces upper body fatigue, improves control in any condition and makes you feel like one with the machine.

Exclusive to the GTX models, the stepped seat design gives the passengers a better view of the action and their surroundings. Additional lateral supports beyond the lumbar area increase passengers comfortand stability by helping prevent side-to-side movement during the ride.

Angled footwell wedges

Position the knees naturally near the narrow portion of the seat, taking pressure off the ankles.

Adjustable Ergonomics Steering

The A.E.S. allows the riderr to adjust the width an angle of the handlebar for a customized fit.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies


This innovative material reduces the weight of the watercraft to deliver peak performance even with smaller engines and makes it easy to tow with small cars. Plus, the color-in molding is more scratch-resistant than fiberglass.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies


The exclusive suspension system delivers comfort and control for a smoother, longer ride in any condition. The pioneering design allows the hull to move independent of the upper deck with 14 cm of travel, isolating the rider and passengers from the impact of choppy water.

iS Intelligent Suspension

Calibrates automatically based on weight and water conditions.

aS Adjustable Suspension

Manually adjustable, using superior-grade, high-performance shocks made by FOX.

S Suspension

Manually adjustable so you can make each ride stiffer or softer.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies

RF D.E.S.S Key

With radio frequency technology and a ball-and-socket design, the digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) key provides riders with easy and quick.

Learner Key

A learning key limits the speed and acceleration of the vehicle, allowing novice or less experienced operators in gaining experience safely.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies

D-Sea-Bel System

Combines a series of resonators and vibration absorbing components to make Sea-Doo watercraft some of the quietest on the water.


How the Sea-Doo moves.


Leading exterior and interior design.

Additional Features

All the other Sea-Doo features.

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