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Take a look at some of Sea-Doo’s innovative features making your ride simpler and safer so you can focus on having fun.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies

iBR - Intelligent Brake and Reverse

The Sea-Doo exclusive iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) second-generation brake system allows you to stop up to 48.75 m sooner than watercraft not utilising a brake. The revolutionary design also lets you keep both hands on the handlebar while in neutral, forward or in reverse, for greater control and easier maneuvering around docks and other boats. It’s as simple and instinctive as squeezing the handbrake on a bicycle.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies

iTC - Intelligent Throttle Control

Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) offers specific driving modes for unique experiences and the most advanced throttle system on a watercraft, giving you better economy and lower operating costs.

Eco™ Mode

This exclusive Sea-Doo feature produces up to 46% improved fuel efficiency by automatically determining the most economical power delivery.

Cruise Mode

Set it and forget it. This activity-specific mode lets you set your speed for cruising, tow sports, navigating no-wake zones and more.

Touring & Sport Modes

No matter what your riding style is, you can easily set different throttle responses to match your activity.

Ski Mode

Tow the perfect line, every time. The five different acceleration profiles make it easy for the driver to deliver a smooth launch and maintain a consistent pace. So, boarders can focus on shredding like pros.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies

High-performance electric variable Trim System (VTS)

Provides pre-set positions for quick settings when adjusting boat trim, maximizes acceleration and high-speed stability.

sea-doo-pwc Technologies

Off-Throttle Assisted Steering (O.T.A.S)

Provides the operator with additional steering effect in off-throttle situations for greater maneuverability.


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