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Unlike any vehicle on the road, Spyder’s powerful engine will give you all the power your three wheels could want.

spyder Technologies

ROTAX 1330 ACE Engine

All Can-Am Spyder models are powered by the Rotax 1330 ACE engine. This proven engine is configured with 3 in-line cylinders, producing high-torque response in every gear, 40 percent more low-end torque and a deep, unmistakable exhaust note. Plus, ride in confidence with 7 automotive technologies, including the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry.

spyder Technologies


No clutch lever. No foot shifter. The semi-automatic transmission uses race car-style paddle shifting for quicker, smoother shifts. Manual transmission is also available.

spyder Technologies

Dynamic Power Steering

The electronically controlled power steering system varies the amount of assistance depending on your vehicle’s speed, making it easier than ever for you to maneuver and steer.


Leading exterior and interior design.


How the Can-Am moves.

Additional Features

How the Can-Am moves.

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